Brompton Westbrook Primary School

Children and Family Centres and Wellbeing hub

Children and Family Hubs provide a wide range of services and information for families with children in the local community and are also great places to meet new people.  The service objective is to ensure that every child gets the best possible start in life and provide parents with valuable support and advice.

Services provided by Children and Family Hubs and Wellbeing Centres

  • drop-in sessions for parents and children - stay and play, music, story time and many more acitivites
  • ante-natal classes and baby clinics
  • encouragement and support for parents thinking about training or finding a new job
  • links with local schools and voluntary agencies
  • information and advice about breastfeed, speech and language, parenting, health issues and all the difficult times that can be experienced with babies and young children

The hubs are supported by nine Children and Family Wellbeing Centres which are based in primary schools.  In addition, there is also outreach work in the community and in people's own homes.

This model will allow the council to continue to meet its statutory responsibilities for early childhood services and reduce inequality, targeting the most vulnerable children and families. 

The children and family hubs will primarily provide multi-agency support to those with greater needs who require additional help and support.

Children and Family Wellbeing Centres: