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The school finishes earlier on a Friday (13.15) and enrichment clubs are available until 15.30.  These clubs must be signed up for in advance so that we know numbers. The clubs for Terms 5 and 6 have just been allocated.  It is possible to opt out of individual weeks of the Friday club but not opt in.  If you are unsure, it is better to sign up.  Some clubs on offer on Friday afternoons are paid clubs.  Parents will have the choice to select these if they wish. 

Go Wild Club - Years 1,2,4,5 and 6 (as year 3 will access this through the curriculum)

The clubs for terms 5 and 6:

  • Film  (free)
  • Ipads (free)
  • FS2 helper (KS2 children only) (free)
  • Board games (free)
  • Art (£13.00)
  • Boom (drama and theatre skills) (£26.00 *)
  • Gymnastics (£22.75 *)
  • Sports for all (try a variety of sports) (£25.00 *)
  • Dance (tap, ballet and jazz) (£22.75*)
  • Food fun (£13.00)
  • Mind colouring club (£13.00)
  • Tennis (£13.00)
  • Football - external coach attending (£25.00*)

* Please note, these price may vary depending on demand


As you can see, we offer quite a wide variety of clubs - both free and ones you need to pay for.  Please remember if your child is allocated a paid club, you need to pay before they can actually start in week 1 of the term.

If you do not wish your child to attend the clubs they have been allocated, please speak to Mrs Knight in the school office but bear in mind there may not be spaces in other clubs as they have been very popular.


We are now offering a new payment system for parents/carers to make payments for Dinner money, Breakfast/Afterschool Club and Friday Clubs. To help with the school administration could you please use the following information as a reference.

Dinner Money - DM

Friday Clubs - FC

Breakfast/Afterschool Club- BA


Please make sure that the Child's name and what it is for are clearly stated.


Bank details for school:

Natwest Bank

Sort code: 60-08-37

Account Number: 65224485

Brompton Westbrook Primary School