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Are you fed up with asking the question 'How was school today?' and getting the response 'fine'?

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Week commencing 21.05.2018

Year 1 are continuing with their sea adventures topic.  They will explore the theme of Pirates.  Children will be carrying out a lot of maths activities around this theme, including a visit to a pirate shop to apply their money knowledge and pirate problem solving.  They will discover where the pirates have buried the treasure through their mapping skills.  They will then create their own wanted posters to find Pirate Pete.  At the end of the week the children will enjoy their class rewards.

Year 2 will be working hard sitting their SATs tests.  When they are not sitting testst, they will take part in a range of activities such as PE, numeracy challenges and science observations and investigations.  In the afternoons, the children will write a recount of the Royal wedding using their descriptive vocabularly to describe the day whilst publishing their Traction Man stories.  On Friday, Year 2 will be treated to a fun morning celebrating their hard work.