Brompton Westbrook Primary School

Snow work

As you know, Brompton-Westbrook rarely closes during bad weather. 

In case you are unable to bring your child to school if we have snow, we have downloaded some work for each year group to complete during bad weather.  If you bring the work into school to be marked, your child will be given a mark which states they were "educated off site" - which will count towards their attendance figure.

Thank you for your co-operation in this.

FS - "Snow work"

Year 1 - "Snow work"



Year 2 - "Snow work"


Literacy 1 and Literacy 2


Years 3&4 - "Snow work" - Maths 1

                                                Maths 2

                                                Maths 3

                                                Maths 4


Years 5&6 - "Snow work" -  Maths 5

                                                Maths 6

                                                Maths 7

                                                Maths 8