Brompton Westbrook Primary School

The Dining Room



At a time when most school kitchens are struggling to maintain numbers, our school meals remain popular with pupils because we not only adhere to food standards and listen to what pupils want but because our catering is in-house. Therefore we are able to spend more money per child per meal than catering firms in other schools.

Our popular menus provide the children with up to three options per day.  Pupils choose their dinner at morning registration, meaning we only cook what is required and we produce less waste.  Each menu option provides a balanced meal that meets the latest food standards.  In addition to the set meals for each day, pupils have unlimited access to the fresh salad and fruit carts every day.

In April 2013 our school meal prices increased slightly to £2.00 per day, which proves excellent value for money.  Dinner money should be paid in advance on a Monday for the week. 

We run a strict debt policy for dinner money and we will not provide your child with a school dinner if they do not have the funds in their account to pay for it. 

£2.00     1 meal per week

£4.00     2 meals per week

£6.00     3 meals per week

£8.00     4 meals per week

£10.00   5 meals per week

Throughout the year we run special meals such as Food around the World Day and Christmas Lunch. 

Parents are invited in (by year group) to eat with their child and sample the food that is served.  Look out for more information on these days in the weekly newsletter as you will need to book a place.

We also run competitions to win meals during the year.

Our 6 week rolling menu is below.  Click on a week number to read the options available for that week.


Week 1  - Monday 5th February 2018, 26th March, 21st May, 9th July

Week 2 -  Monday 19th February 2018, 16th April, 5th June, 16th July

Week 3 - Monday 8th January 2018, 26th February, 23rd April, 11th June, 23rd July

Week 4  - Monday 15th January 2018, 5th March, 30th April, 4th June

Week 5 - Monday 22nd January 2018, 12th March, 8th May, 25th June

Week 6 - Monday 29th January 2018, 19th March, 14th May, 2nd July